November 10-15, 2001 Las Vegas, Nevada

The resources of UniSat were hard at work as was Santa for the Annual Comdex Computer Show in Las Vegas. UniSat provided complete production facilities and transmission for domestic and international broadcasters. Among many features of UniSat's Ikegami triax cameras, is their ability to operate in triax mode with the use of low cost coax cable.  This helped facilitate the use of multi-camera production without the use of traditional and expensive triax cabling. UniSat also provided production services to TECH TV using a shared resource configuration. Equipment complement included 5 DPS 575 12 bit audio/video synchronizers, Ikegami cameras, Fujinon wide angle lens, Betacam SP editing, Panasonic DVD recorder, and RTS 24 channel intercom system.

UniSat: Comdex 2001 Santa with new laptop. Gee, do you think he knows how to use it?    UniSat: High Impact Television Broadcast Center at Comdex 2001

UniSat: Tech TV set with Ikegami Triax cameras.    UniSat: Santa doing the selling at Comdex 2001

UniSat: Kirby on the Mackie Mixer at Comdex 2001    UniSat: TES 2 inside view at Comdex 2001

UniSat: TES 2 engineering area, see the new DVD recorder above the Sony A500?    UniSat: High Impact TV's Dave Larson checks out the UniSat website at Comdex 2001

UniSat: NBC's Beach Boy next to UniSat TES 2 at Comdex 2001    UniSat: TES 2 is big! ouside Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

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