UniSat Best of 2005

National Mobile Television called upon UniSat to provide complete digital production/transmission services to E! Entertainment for their live movie premieres of Oceanís Eleven and Vanilla Sky.  Space limitations at both venues required a mobile unit that could provide full program origination from the two remote sites for the hour long production.  UniSatís digital TES 2 fit the bill, providing big truck performance in a medium sized footprint complete with KU satellite uplink.
The star studded events brought out some of Hollywoodís best, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz.
Equipment compliment included: 5 Ikegami triax cameras, 3 wide angle lens (4.8), 1 Jib camera, handheld camera mounted teleprompter, 2 channel serial digital Chyron, 4 channel DVE, 9 VTR's, DVD player/recorder, E! logo "bug" integration and dual path D1 digital KU satellite transmission.

Warner Bros. Ocean's Eleven movie premiere, Westwood CA

UniSat: Brad Pitt on the red carpet in Westwood, CA    UniSat: Brad Pitt caught on camera by UniSat paparazzi Julie Ragozzino in Westwood, CA

UniSat: Matt Damon at Ocean's Eleven movie premiere    UniSat: David Duchovny talks to reporters in Westwood, CA

UniSat: TES 2 gets E!'ed!    UniSat: Please note the E! is not a permanent addition to our paint scheme

UniSat: TES 2 in Westwood, CA    UniSat: Looking down on all the action around TES 2 in Westwood, CA

Paramount Pictures Vanilla Sky movie premiere, Hollywood CA.

UniSat: E! Entertaiment Scott Lasky talks to Tom Cruise in Hollywood CA.    UniSat: Scott Lasky from E! talks to Tom Cruise at the Vanilla Sky movie premiere.

UniSat: Penelope Cruz at Vanilla Sky movie premiere, Hollywood CA.    UniSat: Ikegami HL59W with handheld teleprompter

UniSat: Ikegami HL59W Traix camera at Vanilla Sky movie premiere, Hollywood CA.    UniSat: Digital Betacam and Betacam SP recorders outside TES 2 in Hollywood CA.

UniSat: TES 2 in front of the Kodak Theater, new home of the Academy Awards. Hollywood CA    UniSat: TES 2 in front of the historic El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA

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