January 10, 2002  Winona Ryder arraignment, Beverly Hills, CA

UniSat's TES 1 was called out by Pacific Television Center in service for E! Entertainment. The news event was the arraignment of Hollywood Starlet Winona Ryder at the Beverly Hills courthouse. In order to minimize transmission delay and reduce cost, 6.5 GHz microwave was the preferred method of transmission with KU satellite available for  backup in case line-of-sight could not be realized.  The signal was transmitted to Mt. Wilson then relayed to PAC-TV where it joined the Los Angeles fiber network.
UniSat maintains the only Los Angeles based unit capable of this kind of dual service.  Among two frequent users of  dual mode transmission is ABC and Network Entertainment, who require a backup path in case of signal interruption. UniSat holds a valid FCC common carrier license to operate remote microwave equipment nationwide.

UniSat: TES 1 live from the Beverly Hills Courthouse via 6.5GHz microwave.    UniSat: E! Entertainment live crew on the steps of the courthouse

UniSat: E! Entertainment, ready to go live for the east coast.

UniSat: Truck EIC Erik Burnett checks in with E! via one of 9 wireless telephone lines.    UniSat: TES 1 and KCAL's microwave truck were built by Frontline of Clearwater Florida.

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