September 16, 2001  Hollywood, CA

In the wake of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks on the U.S., air travel was suspended.  As a result, HSN (Home Shopping Network) required a two way remote feed from L.A. to the Network studio, for Suzanne Somerís live show.   The remote took place at the TAN Broadcast Center located on the 12th floor of the CNN building in Hollywood.  A microwave link was necessary due to security (safety) requirements.  UniSat TES 1 was a perfect choice for the job.  The truck is equipped with a 6.5 GHz microwave transmitter and receiver a top of a 52-foot mast.  The signal was sent via microwave to the truck, then turned around up to the satellite.  Past clients that have utilized this type of transmission include: ABC, BBC and CBS.  (Pictured below at the microwave transmitter, is Tom Martinez of Tan Broadcast Center).




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